Alphatron ProPull 19mm Follow Focus Kit

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A solidly built follow focus system mounts onto a single 19mm bar. It uses a M0.8 pitch gear, has two end stops for precise focusing and is supplied with a flexible gear ring to attach to DSLR lenses.

The ProPull Follow Focus 19mm enables you to control the focus with the best precision. Made from machined aluminum and other high-tech materials, this follow focus is up to the level of the most demanding camera shooter.

The ProPull Follow Focus 19mm has a unique design with unique features, as it will be mounted to one single bar of the support system. This version also features 2 adjustable hard stops to limit the focus draw between 2 desired points, or comes in handy for lenses that do not have hard stops on the focus ring. These points can be placed independently between 3 and 345 degrees from each other.

Mounting to one bar has several advantages. When changing lenses, just release one knob with a simple twist and hinge the follow focus unit aside and you can change lenses unobstructed. The new lens will have a different diameter, the Follow Focus unit will easily be hinged in place to the new diameter of the lens with a one hand operation. Also when the gear is not at the same distance, the unit can be shifted forward or backwards at the same time. A time-saving advantage.

  • Two switchable hard-stops
  • Fits to any lens diameter without modification
  • Gears mount on front or back end
  • Aluminum construction
  • Magnetic marker ring
  • One bar mounting
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Product Specification

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Product Code: 1589328-wex Manufacturers Part Number: ALP-PP19 Got a question? Get it answered...