Altair Astro 200 F5 Newtonian Telescope OTA

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With a well-known reputation for the highest quality optics available in this price range, as well as a CNC machined dual speed focuser, the Altair 8" F5 Newtonian is a compelling option for anyone interested in visual observing and/or beginner astro photography. The Altair F5 Newtonian optics are extremely smooth, displaying high contrast images of planets and deep sky objects against a dark background, with minimal scatter around bright objects. The 8" aperture is more than enough to reveal plenty of detail in deep sky objects, the moon, and planets. Fine focus is easy with the dual speed focuser, which is fully tension adjustable. Includes: 10x50mm Finder Scope, mirror cooling fan, extra heavy duty tube rings, CNC machined dual speed focuser, a Vixen-format dovetail bar and a 25mm Plossl eyepiece.

Altair Astro Product Description:

The relatively fast F5 focal ratio provides good illumination of most camera sensors, however with less coma (an optical aberration) at the edge of the field than any F4 focal ratio Newtonian. As a result, this F5 Newtonian telescope responds very well to most coma correctors and camera spacing is far less critical. Collimation is also a lot easier with our optional laser collimator - almost twice as easy as an F4 Newtonian. The 8" F5 format therefore makes a generally more tolerant telescope for beginners starting imaging. Lunar and planetary webcam imaging is easy with our 3x ED Barlow, which increases the focal length to 3000mm, with rewarding results appearing instantly!

Why buy this product?
The Altair 8" F5 Newtonian is an ideal telescope for someone who is interested in visual astronomy and astro imaging, requires more aperture, and who wants serious optical performance at a reasonable price. The mechanics and optics are notably better made than many cheaper telescopes on the market. The telescope stays in collimation because of a strong rigid secondary mirror support system and rear mirror cell. We really recommend comparing the quality in your local astronomy shop. Simply tweak the secondary mirror assembly to see how much it flexes by comparison. Try the focuser and compare the finish and machining quality. Compare the included eyepieces too. Once you're at this stage you'll see exactly why this telescope is slightly more expensive.

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Product Specification

Diagonal None
Diameter (mm) 200
Eyepiece 1 25
Finderscope 10x50 Finderscope
Focal Length (mm) 1000
Focal Ratio (f/) 5
Included Accessories 25mm Superview Plossl, 2 Inch Dual-Speed Crayford Focuser, 10x50mm Finderscope, Tube-rings, Dovetail bar
Magnification with Supplied Eyepiece (x) 40
Mount Type Optical Tube Assembly Only
Optical Design Newtonian
Power Source NA
Tripod Type None Supplied
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Product Code: 1552132-wex Manufacturers Part Number: AA-200F5-DS-OTA Got a question? Get it answered...