Apple 30 inch Cinema HD Display

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Feast your eyes on more than four million pixels in the first high-resolution 30-inch flat-panel display designed for a personal computer. All Apple Cinema Displays feature an anodised aluminium enclosure that look smart sitting next to your Mac.

See the Forest and the Trees
The 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display gives you the space you need to visualize your entire creation — yet provides the resolution necessary to edit in place. With 77 percent more screen real estate, you can lay out a two-page spread and edit text without squinting. Review multiple images side by side in Aperture — or just one, full screen and large as life. Work in Photoshop with more than 30 layers in a palette. Take in the whole timeline in Final Cut Pro. Display 126 Logic Pro mixer controls simultaneously. Or peer into four different modes of a molecule visualisation with subatomic detail. Ready for a colossal advancement in innovation? That’s what the 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display offers.

20-inch 23-inch 30-inch Eliminate Tunnel Vision
The widescreen design of Apple Cinema Displays offers a natural format for arranging documents the way your brain processes them: side-by-side and left to right. It just makes sense to view a web page and its code next to it — or a long video timeline in wide format. (In fact, the 23-inch Cinema HD Display provides the exact resolution to display widescreen HD material.) The format and resolution of each display is optimised for viewing high-resolution images, sophisticated type treatments or just plain email.

Enjoy One or Two Artful Displays
Each display is designed to match the sculpted aluminium enclosures of Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. And because this strong, anodised aluminium allows for an exceptionally narrow bezel, you can put multiple displays right next to each other, for a virtually seamless picture. The Cinema Display hovers above your desk on a curvaceous stand, and — since it’s the lightest Apple display ever — a light touch can adjust the viewing angle from -5° to 25°.

Double-Wide, 16-Lane PCI Express All Around
With an all PCI Express architecture, Mac Pro supports a line-up of state-of-the-art graphics cards to ensure a spectacular visual experience. Every Mac Pro supports two displays — including one 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display — and can be expanded to drive an array of up to eight displays.
Choose a standard configuration equipped with a card for general graphics applications. Or opt for the additional performance offered by either the ATI X1900 XT or the workstation-class NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500. Either of them let you connect two 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays without blocking any of the three remaining PCI Express expansion slots on Mac Pro.

A Desktop for Your Laptop
Bring your MacBook Pro home to a big, bright Apple Cinema Display for the perfect combination of portability and presence. All MacBook and MacBook Pro models connect to the 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display or 20-inch Apple Cinema Display. And with dual-link DVI support and up to 256MB of graphics memory, every MacBook Pro also supports the massive 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display, giving your portable computer a dramatic desktop canvas.

Peripheral Devices on Your Desktop
Every Apple display has a FireWire 400 hub and a USB 2.0 hub, each with two ports. Use the FireWire ports for connecting high-performance devices like digital cameras, and camcorders. And whether you’re using your display with a Mac or a PC, you can make best use of all the latest USB 2.0 devices, including iPods and industry-standard printers and scanners.

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Product Specification

Colour Aluminium
System Requirements 30 inches, 2560 x 1600dpi
Type Monitor
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Product Code: 1022003-wex Manufacturers Part Number: M9179B/A Got a question? Get it answered...