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25 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 91 views
How to paint with light

Want to give your night photography a lift? Tim Coleman explains how to paint with light.

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15 Oct 2014 | One Comment | 1,891 views
What is… an aspherical element?

Aspherical elements are used widely inside lenses to help improve image quality – Matt Golowczynski explains why.

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13 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 2,503 views
How to use motion blur for more creative images

Moving subjects usually require fast shutter speeds although striking results can be had by doing the exact opposite too. Geoff Harris explains how to use motion blur for creative results.

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8 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 3,060 views
Adobe Lightroom: Five Minutes to Great Black and White Results

Great black and white conversions don’t need to be complicated; Geoff Harris shows you how to process your images using Adobe Lightroom in just five minutes.

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7 Oct 2014 | 6 Comments | 1,636 views
What is… exposure compensation?

In the first of a brand new series of articles, we explain how to use exposure compensation and when you may find it useful.

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3 Oct 2014 | No Comment | 2,869 views
6 Creative Uses for a Telephoto Lens

There is more to a longer lens than just zooming in to a subject. Geoff Harris explains how to get some top creative effects using your telephoto.

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1 Oct 2014 | One Comment | 1,213 views
How to Photograph Fungi

As autumn arrives, so too do a plethora of new photographic opportunities, inspiring Tom Mason to switch his focus from fauna to fungi. Here, he shows you how it’s done.

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18 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 2,927 views
How to use ND filters for long exposures

Neutral Density (ND) filters allow you to lengthen your exposures in bright and dark conditions alike. In this article, Kirk Norbury explains how to use them.

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9 Aug 2014 | 2 Comments | 4,657 views
How to use flash: basics explained

Do you fear flash? Not sure how best to use it? Geoff Harris runs through the main options and techniques to help get you started.

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6 Aug 2014 | One Comment | 4,886 views
Get started in manual mode

Taking that step into full manual can be daunting but once you’ve got to grips with the basics, you can start to reap the benefits.