Dedo 4 light DLED Kit - Bicolour AC/DC (Master)

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1x Dedo 4 light DLED Kit - Bicolour AC/DC (Master) Sorry, there are no more available.

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The Dedo 4 light DLED Kit - Bicolour AC/DC (Master) offers some serious lighting power thanks to four hefty DLED4 units. Its specially designed LED chips ensure faithful colour reproduction, while the kit as a whole can be packaged into a soft case for easy transportation. Combine this with the fact that the lights can be battery operated and you have an excellent choice of kit for location work.

Product Highlights:

4 light LED Soft/Hard Kit – ready to go with both mains and DC/battery operation

An excellent location lighting kit conveniently packaged into a small soft case, combining the optical quality and control from the award winning Dedo DLED4 fixture with battery operation and a handle for hand held usage (standard 16mm stand can also be used).

Bi Colour LED
This kit is Bi Colour – the DLED4 units use Dedolight's proprietary LED chip, specifically formulated for digital cameras and promising faithful skin tones and colour reproduction.

Dedolight has combined its award-winning optical system with its own colour-correct LED technology to produce a beautifully engineered, award-winning lighting fixture.

  • Colour correct LED 40w source
  • Continuous dimming with no colour shift.
  • With remote electronics and 16mm (5/8") stand fitting
  • Passive cooling (no fan)

    Kit consists of:

    • 4 x DLED4-BI dedolight focusing LED light head, bicolor
    • 4 x DT4-BI power supply for DLED4 bicolor light heads
    • 4 x DT4-BI-BAT-AB battery power supply for DLED4 bicolor light heads (D-TAP)
    • 4 x DPLS light shield ring
    • 4 x DBD8 standard barn door (eight leaves)
    • 2 x DLSR70 speed ring for CLASSIC Series and DLED4 light heads
    • 2 x DSBSXS Dedoflex mini soft box
    • 2 x DLGRIDXS grid (40°), fits mini soft box
    • 1 x DP1.1 imager projection attachment
    • 1 x DPGH steel gobo holder (size 'M')
    • 1 x GM-GMAS - Gobo Master Kit with 10x usefull window/breakup gobos
    • 3 x DFX glasses three structur glass filters with holder DFXT6-R / DFXT10-B / DFXT11-P
    • 1 x DPACP accessory pouch
    • 4 x DFH gel filter holder
    • 1 x DGW gel filter set, warm tone (fits Classic Series filter holder)
    • 1 x DGMD gel filter set, mixed diffusion (fits Classic Series filter holder)
    • 1 x DGCOL gel filter set, color effect (fits Classic Series filter holder)
    • 4 x LiTH 95 SI batteries with internal charger
    • 4 x DCAB3IEC-E mains cable for LiTH
    • 4 x DLBCA2-V belt adapter for V-Mount batteries D-TAP power out socket
    • 1 x DH2 wall holder
    • 1 x CLAMP1 Dedolight clamp
    • 4 x DST Dedolight stands
    • 1 x DSCXLW soft case large, with wheels . Size: 94 x 30 x 38 cm (37 x 11.8 x 14.9 ") . Weight: 26.8 kg.
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Product Specification

Number of Heads 4
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Product Code: 1579978-wex Manufacturers Part Number: SLED4-BI-M Got a question? Get it answered...