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Frio Coldshoe Adapter V2

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The Frio Coldshoe Adapter V2 is a well-designed coldshoe which firmly attaches shoe accessories onto tripods, lighting stands and anything that features a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch male stud. This dual threaded accessory features a clever locking mechanism which prevents your accessories from ending up on the floor. The Frio Coldshoe is not compatible with Sony/Minolta flashes.

The Key Features

The frio is the world’s best coldshoe. Securely connect your hotshoe gear to your tripods and more!

  • Mount anything with a hotshoe; your flash,radio trigger, light panel or hotshoe mic to any tripod and all light-stands!
  • Features DualThread – both standard 1/4-20 tripod and 3/8? light-stand threads
  • The only universal hotshoe adapter with patent-pending DualLock security!
  • Whatever you fit to your frio stays there, but comes off in an instant.
  • Safe and secure SlipNClick technology so your shoot will never fall apart.
  • Universal locking pin cavity so your flash’s lock works too.
  • Compact and lightweight to easily fit in your camera bag!
  • Don’t trust your expensive flash, monitor, light, microphone and more on anything else!
  • Connect, Combine, Create with your frio!

My frio is Easygoing
Your frio connects your hotshoe flash quickly to your tripod, light-stand, rig and grip gear. Once safely on, your gear is secure thanks to patent-pending DualLock security, but can be removed in an instant.

My frio is Sociable
Your frio's universal cold shoe design means that it gets along with all your favourite equipment like photo flashes including the Nikon SB900, not forgetting video DSLR microphones, light panels, monitors, recorders and more. No risky gaffer tape home mods required to ensure a secure connection ever again.

My frio has got my back
The frio is the only coldshoe adaptor in the world that has the added security of a double locking mechanism, so the gear you love the most (the expensive stuff) is safely secured to any light-stand, tripod, rig or grip that you’ve got.

Does my frio like being tied up?
Your frio has a handy lanyard point to hang your radio slaves and any other accessory from.

I have dreams about my frio that I am ashamed to confess.
So do we! Your itsy-bitsy frio is totally pocketable, light weight and warm to the touch. It will fit perfectly in your pocket, designer clutch or wizard’s pouch.

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Product Specification

Type Cold Shoe
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