Reflecta Slide Projector 2000 AF

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The Reflecta Slide Projector 2000 AF is a compact automatic slide projector that works with Universal, CS and LKM slide magazines. It offers an economical and convenient way to view your slides.

Reflecta Slide Projector 2000 AF main features

For 3 magazine systems
This projector is designed for use with Universal, CS and LKM magazines. You turn a small adapter lever on the slide changing arm downwards when using Universal magazines and you turn it upwards to use CS and LKM Magazines.

Automatic sharpness correction
With the infrared autofocus system all slides are scanned by a light beam and minor sharpness deficiencies are automatically corrected in a split second.

The slide elevating system makes projection of single slides or editing and arranging slides in magazines an easy task. You only have to press the “Dialift” device slightly and it rises up automatically. Place the slide into the slot from the side and push the “Dialift” back into the unit, your slide is now projected. Using the “Dialift” you can exchange slides during projection or turn them round the right way.

Halogen lamp 24 V / 150 Watt
The powerful halogen lamp of high luminosity produces a brilliant image in natural colours.

Anti-jamming system
This system makes it nearly impossible for slides to get jammed and damaged in the slide guide. As soon as heavy resistance obstructs the mechanism, the slide transport becomes disengaged, before any damage can occur.

Overheating protection
A powerful cooling fan guarantees a careful and damage free projection of your previous slides. An additional overheating protection device switches the projector off, if ever a critical temperature should be reached.

Reflecta Agomar 2.8 / 85 mm.

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Product Specification

Colour White
Size (mm) 119 x 244 x 245mm
Weight (g) 3800
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Product Code: 1525717-wex Manufacturers Part Number: RESP16115 Got a question? Get it answered...