Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 42inch

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The 42” Rhino Slider EVO Carbon can support loads up to 3.18kg, and can be adapted to hold 24” rails when a more lightweight, compact setup is required, or stainless steel rails for heavier loads. Easy-to-use and versatile, this slider is constructed from carbon fibre and weighs just 1.93kg. The 42” Rhino Slider EVO Carbon is compatible with Rhino’s range of motorising accessories.

Key Features: Rhino Slider EVO Carbon 42”

  • Weight: 1.93kg
  • Load Capacity: 3.18kg
  • Recommended Support: Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel
  • Tripod Mounting: Center and Ends
  • Flywheel Capable: Yes
  • Motion Capable: Yes
  • Arc Capable: Yes

Rhino Motion
Rhino Slider EVO integrates seamlessly with Rhino Motion. Capture ultra-smooth Live Motion and amazingly precise time lapses with a single motor. A built in 7 hour battery lets you shoot all day.

Movement Reimagined
A new, better way to move your slider. Simply turn the wheel to move your camera. The farther you turn, the faster it goes. It's as simple as that.

Rhino Motion makes creating a time lapse extremely simple. Capturing the Milky Way is as easy as attaching the included camera cable and setting up your shot.

Interchangeable Rails
Shoots often require a variety of tools to tell your story. With Rhino Slider EVO you have the flexibility to change between Carbon Fibre and Stainless Steel Rails. This allows you to easily upgrade your slider to carry more weight or get a longer move without buying an entirely new slider.

Flush folding all-terrain legs come standard on every Rhino Slider EVO. Be confident in your slider off-tripod and set up your shot faster.

Strong Carriage Brake
The integrated carriage brake allows you to secure the carriage at any place on the rail and only takes a quick turn to engage.

Camera Mounting Options
Rhino Slider EVO comes standard with a 3/8" stud on the carriage to mount any standard 3/8" flat based ball or fluid head.

Rhino Slider EVO – Interchangeable Belts & Rails

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