Steadicam Steadimate System with A-15 Arm + SOLO Vest

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The Steadicam Steadimate is the link between motorized gimbals, including the DJI Ronin and Freefly MoVI models, and the traditional Steadicam Arm & Vest system. Together, the Steadi-cam System provides additional stabilisation and neutrally balanced tilting, which result in smoother shots and less work for the operator. Please note this product only includes the A-15 Steadicam Arm and SOLO Vest, with adapters.

Key Features: Steadicam Steadimate System with A-15 Arm + SOLO Vest

How it Works:

In order to reap all the benefits from this brilliant device, there are 3 simple steps you will have to follow:

  1. Swap out one of the handles from your motorised gimbal and replace it with the Stead-imate adapter
  2. After you have correctly mounted the adapter bracket on the handlebar, balance the Steadimate System by following the instructions provided in the manual
  3. With the balanced Steadimate now serving as the handle for your motorised gimbal, connect it to your Arm & Vest by attaching it to the arm post on the stabilizing arm.

The Benefits:

Why put a motorised gimbal on an Arm & Vest? There are 4 major benefits.
  • Adapting your motorised gimbal with an Arm & Vest turns your motorized gimbal into a body-worn stabiliser, meaning the operating load is taken off the arms of the operator allowing for longer durations of operating
  • Increased stability in footage, while your motorized gimbal serves to electronically stabilise the mounted camera from movement, the essential shock-absorbing nature of a Steadicam arm im-proves upon this initial stability
  • Effortless tilting via the pivot on the Steadimate
  • Quick interchangeable use from handheld operation to Steadicam operation

Weight Chart:




Ronin Weight:

4.2 kg

4.2 kg

Ronin Load Capacity:

7.25 kg

7.25 kg

Ronin Recommended Maximum Load:

2.6 kg

9.4 kg




Ronin-M Weight:

2.3 kg

2.3 kg

Ronin-M Load Capacity:

3.6 kg

3.6 kg

Ronin-M Recommended Maximum Load:

4.5 kg

11.3 kg




Ronin-MX Weight:

2.77 kg

2.77 kg

Ronin-MX Load Capacity:

4.5 kg

4.5 kg

Ronin-MX Recommended Maximum Load:

4.03 kg

10.83 kg

Recommended Maximum Load values were calculated using information from third-party manufacturer information.

NOTE: Figures in italic denote that the Recommend Maximum Load is lower than the stabiliser’s Load Capacity.

Weight Chart Explained:

When balancing your Steadimate system, one of the most important aspects of the entire process, is achieving proper weight distribution. Each individual component that makes up your camera and gimbal configuration needs to be correctly aligned and positioned with the Steadimate adapter to ensure a perfectly balanced system.

It is also vital to take into consideration your Steadimate system’s “Recommended Maximum Load”. This value represents the maximum weight you can setup on your motorised gimbal without forfeiting optimal performance from your Arm & Vest system. The A-15 and A-30 Arm models have different Maximum Loads, it is very important that you take these values into consideration before deciding which Arm & Vest kit to purchase.

The combined weight of your camera configuration* MUST NOT exceed the “Recommended Maximum Load” of your Steadimate Arm & Vest system. Exceeding the maximum load can lead to equipment damage, below-standard results and/or injury.

*Camera Configuration - this term is used widely by Steadicam operators when referring to the operator’s camera setup. It should encompass all the individual components, including the camera body, lens and all the add-on accessories (matte box, filters, microphone, etc).

When deciding on which Arm & Vest to opt for, be it the A-15 or A-30, you should consider the range of camera lenses and bodies that you work or will be working with, as well as any other accessories that you use or may be asked to use during filming. It is common practice when choosing a Steadicam System, to setup your camera configuration with your heaviest camera body and lens, as well as all the add-on accessories - after you have done so, you should weigh your camera setup. This will give you an idea of your Maximum Load, and will help you choose the right Arm & Vest system for you.

You want an Arm & Vest system that will comfortably take the heaviest camera setup you might have to use.

What’s Included:

  • (x1) A-15 Steadicam Arm & Vest Kit
  • (x4) Balance Weights
  • (x2) 30mm Clamp Insert Adapters (pre-installed)
  • (x2) 25mm Clamp Insert Adapters
  • (x2) 25.5mm Clamp Insert Adapters
  • (x1) 4mm Allen Wrench
  • (x1) Balance Pin
  • (x1) Operator’s Manual
  • (x1) Steadimate Bracket

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Product Code: 1605312-wex Manufacturers Part Number: SDM-15 Got a question? Get it answered...