Gitzo GH5381SQD Series 5 QD Systematic Ball Head

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The Gitzo GH5381SQD Series 5 QD Systematic Ball Head is specifically designed to fit into the shoulder of a Gitzo Systematic tripod and allows a camera to be mounted very close to the top of the tripod for optimal support, and lets the camera be levelled or angled accurately with 28 degrees of tilt. The Systematic heads are solid, ultra-stable and allow smooth, fluid adjustments of your longer and heavier zoom lenses. Ideal for sport, wildlife and action photography, the GH5381SQD ball head features a hydraulic locking system which allows faster control and great locking speed. The locking collar moves together with your equipment so you will always be able to concentrate on your subject in the viewfinder, whilst still having easy access to the controls. The head can be attached to any tripod using the 3/8” thread and a ring adapter (GS5300S) is included and is required when using this head with a Series 5 Systematic tripod.

The Key Features

  • Type of head: Systematic Ball Head - Ideal head for long lenses, designed to give maximum stability when fitted into the upper casing of a Systematic tripod
  • Maximum Load: 30,000 grams (30kg)
  • Weight: 870 grams (0.870kg)
  • Quick Release: Yes - GS5370D
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Ball Locking: Yes
  • Variable Balance Control: Yes
  • Panoramic Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Lateral Tilt: +28° / -28° tilt range
  • Ball Friction Setting: Yes
  • Working Height: 10.5cm

The NEW Quick Release System: compatible with Arca-Swiss plates, is being introduced in many of Gitzo’s heads, Traveler tripod kits, and accessories. With the new system, the camera/plate can be snapped into the head from above, which is faster and easier than trying to slide it in from the side. When a Gitzo plate is used, the quick release system’s secondary safety pin will also engage to prevent camera equipment from falling accidentally from the head, even if the plate locking lever is not fully locked. Gitzo’s D-profile (Arca-Swiss style) plates also feature our new camera screw design; to make it as easy as possible to use, no matter where you are and what tools you have to hand, the screw can be tightened by hand, using a coin or with the supplied allen key.The hybrid system, featured in this model, fits both Arca-Swiss style plates and traditional Gitzo C-profile plates, making it especially useful for photographers who already own and use our C-profile plates as standard. To accept Gitzo C-profile plates, the adaptor is simply removed from the clamp.

The benefits of the QR System

Easier and safer during set-up and changeovers
Camera/plate can be snapped in from above
Safety pin prevents accidental falling (Gitzo plates only)

Convenient camera screw design
The screw can be tightened by hand, coin, or allen key

Hybrid system (not in all models)
Supplied with Gitzo’s Arca-Swiss style plate, fits Arca-Swiss plates and most manufacturers’ compatible plates
Fits Gitzo’s traditional C-profile plates

More features

About the Systematic Ball Heads:
The systematic heads are specifically designed to fit Gitzo Systematic tripods. Thanks to their connection system, it guarantees an ultra stable platform for your high precision equipment. Lightweight, smoothness, ease of use and an ultra strong locking, make it the ideal head for long and ultra long lens applications, such as wildlife, sport and action photography. It can also be fitted to standard attachment tripods by a standard 3/8” screw attachment. Long lenses require ultra smooth movements, exceptional locking capabilities, minimised drift angle, super fast and intuitive operation. The Systematic head features a revolutionary hydraulic locking system placed for the first time inside the ball. It is a completely new concept, not just a reversed ball head. The locking collar moves together with your equipment and you will always find the head controls, while keeping your eye in the view finder. The system allows you to set the friction by means of a button that sets the stroke of the locking collar. The head comes in two versions, quick release and 1/4” disc attachments. A small 1/4” to 3/8” screw adapter is included. The quick release system is lever operated to guarantee a safer and stronger operation. It can also fit “Arca style” plates by means of the specific adapter. The connection system dramatically increases stability and makes your equipment a monolithic piece. The head is very sturdy and it offers an extremely low and compact profile. It is the ideal head for traveling and when weight and space are an issue. Being dedicated to long lenses, it does not feature the portrait 90° position. This position can be achieved by rotating the lens on its collar or by using an “L” bracket. Systematic heads come with a convenient Anti Dust Bag for storage and packing.

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Product Specification

Attachment Thread 3/8 inch female
Head Type Systematic Ball Head
Height (cm) 11
Maximum Load (grams) 30000
Mount Thread 1/4 inch male
Weight (g) 930
Manufacturer Link Gitzo
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Product Code: 1545911-wex Manufacturers Part Number: GH5381SQD Got a question? Get it answered...