Hasselblad H5D-200cMS Medium Format Digital Camera Body

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Hasselblad has raised the bar yet again concerning the capture of super high-quality images. The Hasselblad H5D-200cMS builds on the achievements and success of multi-shot capture technology with the H5D-50MS and the liberating characteristics of the H5D-50c - the world's first CMOS medium format camera. The H5D-200c MS takes still-life studio photography to mind blowing moiré free 200MP resolution. Six shot ‘microstep technology' takes maximum advantage of everything the HC lenses have to offer, which is a very great deal in itself, and combines it with the latest CMOS capabilities to produce a quality that is hard to believe is possible.

Key Features:

  • Large sensor medium format digital camera
  • 200 MP capability with faster multishot capture sequence
  • 50 MP CMOS sensor with amazing image quality
  • Excellent high ISO performance
  • Longer shutter speeds up to 12 minutes
  • Faster capture rate: 1.5 frames per second
  • Live Video with high frame rate
  • 3.0" 24-bit colour LCD
  • Digital Spirit Level
  • Improved weather sealings
  • Uses Compact Flash (CF) cards
  • Accepts Hasselblad H system lenses

The H5D-200c MS camera system has been especially designed to meet demands for both flexibility and ultimate image quality. This includes:

  • The freedom to choose between eye-level and waist-level view-finders both providing the best viewfinder image on any camera
  • The choice of combining point-and–shoot and tilt/shift to solve creative commercial challenges
  • The ability to combine working tethered and untethered to get the most of your camera system both on location and in the studio
  • The option of processing your raw images in Hasselblad’s Phocus imaging toolbox, or working with your raw images directly in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

New CMOS sensor
The H5D-200c MS features a brand new CMOS sensor measuring 43.8 × 32.9mm - almost twice the physical size of the largest 35mm DSLR sensors. Basic ISO rating is from ISO 100 to ISO 6400. The high sensitivity of the new sensor enables completely new application areas for all professional medium format photographers. It is now totally possible to capture super high quality images even at high ISO settings making low light photography easy. This high sensitivity and fast capture speed together with the high dynamic range of 14 stops makes this camera a true all-round camera that can be used for almost any type of photography. The H5D-200c MS is built around a high speed architecture that can capture full resolution images at the rate of 1.5 captures per second, working either mobile or tethered to a computer.

Non-compromising details and colours
The H5D-200c MS camera uses a 50Mpix CMOS sensor mounted onto the Hasselblad patented symmetrical multi-shot frame, which accurately positions the sensor with a sub-micron accuracy using piezo-electrical actuators. It can capture 6 shots with the sensor positioned accurately at a sequence of quadrants of the pixel and takes color information from the Bayer-patterned pixels to create a 200Mpix capture. This results in a leap in resolution that has to be seen to fully appreciate the tremendous difference it makes. Be prepared to be impressed beyond your expectations.

Medium Format digital capture advantage
In digital photography, the advantages of large format cameras have become even more obvious. The basic 6×4.5 cm design allows the H5D-200c MS to use one of the largest image sensors currently available in digital photography. Consequently the sensor holds more and larger pixels, which deliver the highest possible image quality in terms of moiré-free color rendering without gradation break-ups in even the finest lit surfaces.

An impressive lens line outperforming even the Carl Zeiss icons
The highly renowned H system lens line includes 12 Auto-Focus lenses, all with central lens shutters. Range is from 24mm to 300mm, 50-110mm zoom, 35-90mm zoom, a 1.7X Converter and a dedicated wide angle Macro Converter. The built-in central shutter allows flash to be used at all shutter speeds down to 1/800s. making flash photography in daylight easy. It also improves image quality by generating extremely low camera vibration.

A choice of bright viewfinders
One of the important traditional advantages of the medium format is the extra-large and bright viewfinder image, enabling extremely precise compositions and easy operation in dim lighting. The H5D- 200c MS comes with the HVD 90x viewfinder designed for full performance over the large sensor. Hasselblad has added an interchangeable waist-level viewfinder, the HVM, for the entire range of H system cameras. The bright and large viewfinder image is ideal for creative composing and the photographer is able to shoot in the fashion that suits them most; maintaining eye contact with the model, or gaining impact by shooting from a point lower than eye-level, for example.

Digital Lens Correction and Ultra-Focus for image perfection
The H5D-200c MS camera allows information from the lens and exact capture conditions to be fed to the camera processor for ultrafine- tuning of the auto-focus mechanism, taking into account the design specifications of the lens and the optical specifications of the sensor. In this way the full H System lens program is even further enhanced, bringing a new level of sharpness and resolution. Detailed information about capture condition is also stored in the image file. This information is then used by Phocus to perform digital lens correction, which is an automatic correction of the images based on a combination of the various parameters concerning each specific lens for each specific shot, ensuring that each image represents the best that your equipment can produce. Digital Lens Correction is available regardless if Phocus or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is used.

Improved handling
Many new features have been added to the H5D 200c MS to make the use of the camera even easier than before. This include the option to use the grip controls to control settings and operation of the sensor unit. E.g. you can control zoom, browsing and menu selection without taking your hand off the grip. The Profile handling where you can store complete camera settings in memory for easy access. Now seven different camera set-ups can be stored and settings both from camera body and sensor unit are stored in the profile. In Phocus you can also easily manage your collection of profiles.

Hasselblad’s unique natural colours
Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solution (HNCS) enables you to produce outstanding and reliable out-of-the-box colors, with skin tones, specific product colors and other difficult tones reproduced easily and effectively. In order to incorporate our unique HNCS and DACfeatures we have developed a custom Hasselblad raw file format called 3F RAW (3FR). This file format includes lossless image compression, which reduces the file size by 33%. The 3FR files can be opened directly in Apple or Adobe imaging environments.

Two modes of operation and storage
The H5D-200c MS offers a choice of storage devices: CF cards or a computer hard drive. With these operating and storage options, you are able to select a mode to suit the nature of the work in hand, whether in the studio or on location.

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Product Specification

Autofocus System Autofocus metering with passive central cross-type sensor
Battery Model Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Connectivity FireWire 800, Thunderbolt supported through additional adapter
File Formats Lossless compressed Hasselblad 3FR
Flash Type Built-in and SCA3002 Metz compatible
ISO Maximum 6400
ISO Minimum 100
Lens Mount Hasselblad H Mount
Megapixels 50
Memory Card Format CF card type U-DMA or tethered to Mac or PC
Metering System Spot, Centre Weighted and CentreSpot Metering
Operating Environment 0-45 C (32-113 F)
Sensor Type CMOS
Shutter Speed, Maximum 1/800 sec
Shutter Speed, Minimum 12 minutes
Weight (g) 2500
HD Movie Mode No
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